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13 Oct 2015 This will be a guide to help new players with leveling up their initial warband. This will be a generic guide, applicable to all factions, although some comments will be provided for specific warbands.
16 Oct 2016 Follow my guide! No cheese, but but Skaven love cheese. ok just a little cheese! Start of slow do Normal until you get used to the AI & gameplay dynamics. I do enjoy playing skaven but the recommended tactics required to win with them are not unique to Skaven and can be used by every warband.
Hey, started playing skaven recently, after having played for a while with Sisters (rank 7 warband) and the difference is noticeable. While
COMPLETED SWIFT COUNTER FINISHER BLACK SKAVEN BUILD: Level 2 DareDevil, Level 2 Knowledge: Tactics, Level 2 Swift Counter, Level 1 Avoid, Level 1 Side Step, Level 1 Weak Spot, Level 1 Insult, Level 1 Kidney Strike, Level 1 Prowl 15 Strength, 6 Toughness, 9 Agility, 9 Leadership, 9 Intelligence, 9 Alertness,
20 Nov 2015 Vital Strike, Swarm (Skaven unique passive skill) and Art of silent Death feed nicely into that strategy. After that, you get the Eshin. He's even more flexible than the others. Give him a ranged weapon early on, since he appears late into the game and won't be able to handle melee engagements. I built him
1 Jan 2016
16 Oct 2015
13 Dec 2015 Clicky-- In this #Mordheim: City of the Damned tutorial, we have a build guide for a (~400% damage) heavy melee trooper for Skaven. But it's for a Heavy Melee Hero. Way too specialized for me. Specialiced focused on something you dont wanna focus on Then You can do like me!
25 Jan 2017
Assassin Adept, 60gc, 1. The assassin leads the warband. He is a fearsome warrior, like his black skaven kin, but adds proficiency with missile weapons and the perfect killer skill, which causes a -1 on the armour save against his attacks. His leadership of 7 is the lowest of all the warband leaders, but still the highest in the

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