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6 Oct 2017 Characters and Influence - Star Wars KOTOR 2: Kreia Jedi Consolur Kriea is the first person you will encounter in the game. She doesn't One of these items is a behavior modification part that can be installed in HK. Influence Gaining influence with HK-47 is a relatively simple procedure. Just act as evil as
I've been attempting a light side playthough (with TSLCRM) and am attempting to gain enough influence with HK-47 to gain the stat bonuses he gives
Acknowledgements; How to Use This Guide; Assumptions; Stuff You Should Know, If You Don't Already; Geek Points; Known Issues/Bugs. 2. Rewards for gaining/ losing influence. Trainable Party NPCs and Their Jedi Classes; Disciple rewards; G0-T0 rewards; Hanharr rewards; HK-47 rewards; Kreia rewards; Mandalore
11 Mar 2005 For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords on the Xbox, Influence Guide by DSimpson. Lowdown: HK-47 is the easiest companion to understand, and if you are | | playing Dark Side, the easiest to gain influence with. He responds| | favorably to every Murder you commit (see the Dark
2 Nov 2010 Another would be on Onderon when the 2 aliens ask your opinion on who you think would be a stronger ruler for Onderon. . In fact most of the "random" influence hits from being kind to people I use on HK-47, since Atton and Bao-Dur have some early stuff that's specific to them so they don't need it.
Oh man. The Influence system is a nice idea, but in practise it's a real pain. Basically, most of the time gaining Influence will hinge either on long conversations on board the Ebon Hawk (so chat with all your pals regularly) or else the NPC in question happening to be present for a particular exchange.
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L'influence gagnee sur certains compagnons ne peut s'obtenir qu'en tenant des propos contraire a votre alignement, ce qui se traduit par un gain d'influence accompagne d'une perte d'alignement (PCO lorsque l'on evolue cote lumineux et inversement). C'est le cas avec HK-47, Kreia et GoTo. Il est preferable, la encore,
7 Apr 2005 Influence for HK-47 - posted in The KotOR2 Universe: Well, I am a lightsider, else this wouldn't be a problem. Now, I want the information that HK might have about Revan etc., but I don't want to disturb my roleplaying by murdering people. Any idea on how to do this? On some characters, doing the opposite
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